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    Post by Bridget on January 15th 2016, 9:45 pm

    Name: Suzu
    (Meaning: a type of Japanese shrine bell)

    Gender: Female

    Height: around 5’

    Hair Color: Dark brown, nearly bluish-black.

    Eye Color: Steel blue-grey, very light and contrasting with her hair.

    Usual Outfit: " alt="" />
    Sweater, scarf, black leggings and traveling boots. She also wears her hair affixed with a black bow in a messy bun, with sideswept bangs. The scarf is optional. She carried a simple over the shoulder bag to hold most of her possessions.
    Likes: Apples, natural world, old legends, history, religion, rural areas, Pokemon, apricorns, flying, travelling.

    Dislikes: Egotistical trainers, Team Rocket, coffee, being alone at night, caves (somewhat), being underwater/strong waves.

    Personality: Very kind and sweet, but shy and lacking self-confidence. She’s also rather naive and sometimes believes things she shouldn’t. Generally optimistic and happy, she encourages those around her—even if they aren’t as kind!

    Other Information: Suzu is the great-granddaughter of a miko (shrine priestess/keeper). Suzu’s mother, an Assistant to Professor Oak, would always tell her stories about her great grandmother, and Suzu was always inspired by her and wanted to be like her someday. She wanted so badly to visit these temples and historic sites that existed beyond her tiny town’s horizon, and soon she would ask Professor Oak about his travels. Suzu grew up in Pallet Town, a town renowned not only for its world-renowned professor Oak, but also for producing the current Pokemon Champion, Red! She grew up with a boy about her same age, who also lived in the town. Although Suzu doesn’t have aspirations to collect all Pokemon, she wants to better understand them, become a grand trainer, and someday work at a historic site like her grandmother, perhaps testing the will and hearts of future trainers to access restricted, respected sites. She vowed that one day, she would leave this town and journey onward and find her dreams.

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    Re: Character Descriptions

    Post by Tony on January 15th 2016, 10:40 pm

    Name: Kutsuu
    (Meaning: Pain in Japanese

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'7" (Because of 13, will eventually reach 6'0")

    Hair Color: Black, the type of black that illuminates in the night.

    Eye Color: Bluish-silver in one eye and Greenish-Silver in the other, he has Heterochromia-iridum which makes him easily identifiable because his eyes are different colors.

    Usual Outfit: (Couldn't find a picture) A black T-shirt with a brown jacket that's burnt at the bottom and old black and white converses. His hair is a semi-long length, long enough to cover his eyes(which he does), but not long enough to cover his mouth. He also carries a black backpack that he packs a locket with a picture of his mom in, a spare shirt, and his other various essentials.

    Likes: Winning, Leading, Keeping calm and collective, coffee, being alone with his thoughts, preferably at night and traveling.

    Dislikes: Religion, Pokemon History, His past(along with his family), talking for an extended amount of time, Training and Pokemon.

    Personality: Generally aloof, doesn't talk much and keeps to himself and his thoughts, and believes he knows how the world works, which eventually could lead to his demise. He's very spiteful and vein and takes a long time to forgive others.

    Other Information: Kutsuu was born into a happy family, he had a brother, a mother and a father. Until the time he was three, he thought things were okay, until he realized that it all was an illusion. His father became more and more abusive to his brother and mother until one day, his brother went "missing", he didn't think anything of it until it turned out that his father was the murderer as the DNA was found on the scene. Since it was shown all over Kanto and Johto, his mother tried to take him with her as she was to run away, but as this happened, his father tried to stop his mother by setting the house ablaze, where the mother got away and the father had trapped himself and died. The only survivor in the house was Kutsuu, who was found in the basement with a strange red aura around him, he was only five and since nobody wanted to take in the "demon child" he had a house provided for him by Professor Oak along with a picture of his family, which he cut out the part of his father and lit it ablaze along with his fathers jacket. But, despite all that has happened, he keeps with him all these years. He wants to go out into the Pokemon World to get all the badges because he isn't allowed to travel to every region until he requires the regions set badges. After he aquires the badges, he hopes to go out and find his mother, no matter the cost.

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